Judaism 101 from JETS

Judaism 101 from JETS

Recommended for: 

This online course is recommended for students in grades 3-7 as an option for students transferring into a Jewish Day School or Jewish learning environment for students in grades 3-7, or for supplementary school students, offering many interactive and digital activities, completed independently or with teacher support. A Digital Teacher’s guide provided, and additional training provided.

The Judaism 101 course, a joint venture between JCC Manhattan and JETS, offers a deep dive into Jewish heritage and Judaism.

Topics presented are:

  • The Jewish calendar– Students learn about the Jewish holidays, analyze the names of the Hebrew months, the date of their Hebrew birthdays, and the moon’s connection to the Hebrew calendar. 
  • Genesis- Students meet our first family: Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and their children and grandchildren. Lessons focus on a value from each of these biblical personalities, including visiting the sick, caring for parents, caring for animals, and fighting for justice. Free Sample: עקידת יצחק או יוסף
  • Mitzvot- Explore mitzvot we do every day, others reserved for Shabbat and holidays, and even some that relate to how we celebrate special occasions. Mitzvot highlighted include bal tashchit, tzedakah, lashon hara, loving the stranger, hashavat aveida, shabbat, kashrut, mezuzah, and fairness in business. Free sample: השבת אבידה
  • Jewish Values– Analyze a deeper definition of what makes a hero and “meet” individuals who, over the past 100 years, have made major contributions to Jewish life. Each hero will be paired with a core Jewish value which we uphold today. Values and Heroes are: 
    • חזון: Ben Yehuda, יוזמה – Herzl,  צדק Helen Suzman, עומץ לב – Hanna Szenes, זכרון – Elie Wiesel, תקוה – Anne Frank, תיקון עולם – Ruth Messinger, צדקה – Danny Siegel, זכויות האדם – Avital Sharansky, רופא חולים – Dr. Rick Hodes, יצירות – Debbie Friedman, חסד – Eli Winkelman
  • History’s MysteriesStudents join a team of detectives and investigate some of the mysteries of Jewish history, such as: 
    • Where did the Jewish people originate?  What happened to the ten lost tribes?
    • How did Jews survive after their exile from Israel and during the Middle Ages? 

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Distribution type: digital interactive
Denomination: Pluralistic
Length of program: Other

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