Granite Ivrit

Granite Ivrit

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This curriculum is to enhance Hebrew language literacy using creative and engaging materials, based on the Proficiency approach, for grades 1-8. 

Granite Ivrit is an exciting and innovative new Hebrew program for schools based on the Proficiency approach, the Communicative Language Teaching approach, and the ACTFL benchmarks. Granite Ivrit focuses on the three modes of communication while providing students with the opportunity to learn the language through different modalities as well as meaningful activities, making the learning fun and relevant. The units incorporate context that is derived directly from the lives of the students and integrates authentic texts and tasks. The program promotes independent thinking, group work and collaboration through individual and group projects. It emphasizes life-skills and allows for the development of higher thinking strategies. 

There are 18 workbooks in total, and a minimum purchase requires 10 users of at least one book to receive a license. In addition to physical books, there are digital books that include interactive activities, games and audio available. Each book is between 30-65 pages and takes between three to four months to complete, averaging 3-5 lessons per week. Two hour PD for staff included in the purchase of curriculum. The program is suitable for beginners and intermediate levels.

I was so excited to see the launch of Granite Ivrit. Until now, there have been very few materials or aids available to assist teachers teaching in the proficiency approach. Teachers were spending hours scrambling to find or create worksheets…Granite Ivrit may present a solution to this. The lovely workbooks…not only relate to all of the modalities of language learning, they also present meaningful activities that relate to the students’ lives. I am certain that these books will be a tremendous boon for any Hebrew program as core workbooks, or as supplements to what is already being taught.”

Elana Weinberg, Jewish/Hebrew educator and consultant with a focus on early childhood. 

Granite Ivrit is designed by Ketty Granite,  B.A., B.ed., M.ed, M.A, Doctor of Modern Languages candidate at Middlebury College.


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Distribution type: digital interactive, workbook
Length of program: Year long, Courses
Cost: $13.99 per workbook (digital or physical workbook). Minimum order, 10 copies of the same workbook.

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