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This curriculum is recommended for students of Hebrew language and Jewish Studies in grades 1-6, who dedicate daily or almost daily time to these subjects, through interactive games, songs, stories and activities. The goal is to teach ‘Ivrit B’Ivrit’ (in Hebrew for Hebrew). 

The iTaLAM program is a unique of Hebrew language and Jewish Studies curriculum that provides an engaging, interactive, and multi-sensory experience for students. iTalam includes online games, songs, interactive stories and activities. Students are encouraged to delve into the material and contribute in a creative capacity both in the classroom and at home. The iTaLAM curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, resulting in a rich and comprehensive program. Schools must commit to implementing the material four days a week. There are step by step guidelines for every class. Students can rotate from independent activities, to small group work, to classroom sections or working in partners. All progress is tracked on their LMS. Extensive training is provided to learn to use the program,, either online or onsite. The program is divided into four main domains of content:

  • Daily Life & Hebrew
  • Holidays
  • Torah
  • Shabbat Shalom

All content is taught in Hebrew.

Click here to learn more about the program. Watch a video about iTalam. 

iTalam is used in hundreds of schools around the world.

A sample video:

סרטון הקניה המסביר מהם כובעי החשיבה של אדוארד דה בונו ואיך ניתן להחליט החלטות בעזרת כובעי החשיבה. כל הזכויות שמורות לאיי תלעם All rights reserved to iTaLAM

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Distribution type: digital interactive, workbook
Denomination: Orthodox, Community, Pluralistic
Length of program: Year long

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