JETS Ivrit Spiral Curriculum: Beginners and Intermediate

JETS Ivrit Spiral Curriculum: Beginners and Intermediate

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The JETS Ivrit Spiral Curriculum is recommended for beginners and intermediate Hebrew speakers in grades 7-12 who want to learn Hebrew through modern, contemporary, engaging media and interactive lessons, using the proficiency method. Sample topics are “You and I Can Change the World,” volunteerism, activism and technology, exploring Israeli singers, arts and culture, prices in real estate, malls and the shuk,  Israeli cuisine, restaurants and menus, and sports. 

These digital units in learning Hebrew language are interactive and include engaging contemporary topics of interest. The courses follow the language acquisition method of learning and promotes Hebrew proficiency. It encourages the four domains of language acquisition: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The level is appropriate for beginners and intermediate Ivrit speakers in middle school and high school. The curriculum incorporates contemporary Israeli media to reinforce vocabulary. It also includes student recordings, as well as group contests and short, targeted engaging activities to facilitate reading. 

The JETS Ivrit Spiral Curriculum follows holistic learning, which does not isolate tenses (past, present, future), like many Ivrit workbooks. People do not speak only using one tense. JETS Ivrit Spiral Curriculum is relevant, practical, and guides students to continually increase their language proficiency.  The learning model is three hours of independent work a week, with one-two hours of teacher led workshop or webinar, online or face to face.   There are explanatory videos and explanations and JETS provides initial training. Contact for booking and costs. 

The entire curriculum is online. There are no workbooks. Some of the materials can are suitable for printing, for those that prefer.

The curriculum includes:

1 semester of pre-Mechina for basic readers.
3 semesters of ‘Beginners’
3 semesters of Intermediate

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Distribution type: digital interactive
Length of program: Semester, Year long, Courses
Cost: Semester courses are $2000 each, for 4 hours of coursework per week. There are no additional per student or workbook costs.

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