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JSTEAM Hub and JSTEAM Plus are recommended for students in grades 1-12, in schools that are looking to combine Judaic Studies with Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Math. There is also Hebrew language included in this innovative, engaging curriculum that can be used in a hybrid teaching model (where students are both in school and at home, with or without devices). 

The JSTEAM Hub provides all your teachers with unlimited access to a continually growing bank of fascinating blended learning lessons that integrate Judaic Studies with STEAM disciplines. JSTEAM units encompass all areas of Jewish studies including Chumash, Talmud, Contemporary Jewish Issues, Mishna, and Hebrew language, empowering students to apply Jewish knowledge and values to the emerging 21st Century world of science and technology.  Many schools, including Jewish day schools, have begun to define themselves as STEM or STEAM schools. Jewish day schools who follow this path should consider how Jewish studies can become part of the STEM or STEAM process.  Sample of lessons and descriptions here. 

Take a tour of the JSTEAM Hub Tu B’Shvat unit:

JSTEAM sessions are also available in French and German. Contact info@jetsisrael.com to purchase.



In addition to JSTEAM Hub lessons, JSTEAM Plus provides enriching digital learning materials for all your Judaic studies needs, including Israel education, Holidays, Holocaust, and Jewish History. Be prepared with digital content for any part of the year, whether it be a JETS created trigger video, an interactive timeline, or a creative blended lesson. JSTEAM Plus includes the Online Mentch Program that applies Jewish values to digital communication to help foster responsible digital citizenship, and the Sense and Sensuality Program that provides guidance for healthy interpersonal relations.

Teacher’s guide and teacher training accompany JSTEAM and JSTEAM Plus lessons. JSTEAM and JSTEAM Plus have been successfully implemented in more than 60  schools across North America, France and South Africa.




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Distribution type: digital interactive
Length of program: Enrichment
Cost: JSTEAM Hub is $390 for Jewish Day Schools school, and $199 for Congregational Schools and small Jewish day Schools up to 100 students. JSTEAM PLUS is $690 for Jewish Day Schools school, and $499 for Congregational Schools and small Jewish day Schools up to 100 students. 

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