Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy – Online Courses

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy – Online Courses

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These courses are recommended for grades 6-12 for students who can access online courses from school or home about Tanach, Talmud, Jewish History and Jewish values, on an intermediate level of Jewish studies. 

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy is the award-winning, accredited online Jewish school created by The Lookstein Center of Bar-Ilan University. Lookstein Virtual’s team of master educators designs and brings to life online courses for students in grades four through twelve to help schools (and families) add depth, fun, and variety to Jewish Studies. Offered in topics from Tanach to Jewish Ethics, courses can be incorporated flexibly into curricula to expand resources, enrich studies, teach 21st century skills, and creatively accommodate a widening range of student needs.

What courses are available?

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy offers more than 30 online courses in Tanach, Talmud, Jewish history, and Jewish values for students in grades 6-12.

How does it work?

Schools purchase seats for full classes or groups of students. A Lookstein Virtual master teacher is assigned to every group/class. Students log in to their course, read/watch/interact with online content, and complete weekly assignments. The teacher reviews all classwork and provides grades and/or thorough feedback, corresponds with the students, and meets with the student(s) live via web conference at regularly scheduled intervals to review material and explore the content in greater depth.  The classes are primarily on-demand (asynchronous) allowing for flexible integration into any school schedule.

Interested parents may also register their children who are enrolled in public, private, or homeschools and who would like to enhance their Jewish education. These students participate in courses in small cohorts or complete the coursework independently.

* All courses are in English. Some courses have been translated into Spanish.

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy Course Catalog.

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Distribution type: digital interactive
Denomination: Orthodox, Community, Pluralistic
Length of program: Semester, Year long, Courses

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