PAJES Tanach

PAJES Tanach

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The PAJES Chumash workbooks are for students in elementary school studying the books of Bereshit, Shmot, Bamidbar to explore the text as detectives. The workbooks focus on skill and content based Chumash curriculum for elementary school. The curriculum is being redone to make it more interactive online (instead of downloadable PDF’s) by The Lookstein Center in 2021.

Teachers enjoy using the curriculum, and agree that the spiral built system is effective. There has been positive feedback about the format, introducing vocabulary, analyzing certain ‘scenes’ or content. For example, in Sefer Shmot (the Book of Exodus), when Moshe killed the Egyptian, there is a section on ‘Blog the Event.’ Students read an existing blog by ‘Moshe’ expressing his concerns about being discovered, and consider his options. Students are encouraged to respond and to create their own blogs on the same or subsequent events, and share their experiences. 

Teachers feel that the curriculum powerfully addresses KSU: Knowledge, Skills, Understanding (which means ‘analysis’ in this context). Teachers report that students learn the material and enjoy interacting with it. Teachers often select passages or parts of the curriculum, and don’t necessarily use all the workbook.

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Distribution type: workbook
Denomination: Orthodox
geared for Modern Orthodox
Length of program: Year long
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