Sense and Sensuality: Judaism and Intimacy

Sense and Sensuality: Judaism and Intimacy

Recommended for: 

This curriculum is recommended for teachers, students and parents of teens ages 13-16 to encourage discussion, openness and commitment to healthy intimate relationships that respect and include Jewish values.

The online course, ‘Sense and Sensuality: An Online Course for Teens, Parents and Teachers of Teens on Intimacy and Jewish Values, brings awareness and guidelines to the table in the subject of intimacy and sexuality among teen peer groups.  Media today flagrantly conflicts with families committed to Jewish values. Our teens are constantly bombarded with flimsy and whimsical relationships.  Jewish values on intimacy can seem outdated and obscure to modern teens. What can we do about it? This course examines Jewish approaches to healthy relationships, both emotional and physical, inviting youth today to appreciate where they come from and make wise decisions on where they’re going. 

The interactive, digital course contains three hours of student activity, and three hours programs for both parents and teachers.  The course is approached from an Orthodox perspective. 

Teacher/Student Outline:

  1. What are ideal physical and emotional relationships? Examine healthy and unhealthy relationships that engage in positive behaviors. 
  2. What’s the self control muscle? Comedy through The Marshmallow Test
  3. Challenges teens face: Overdose of sexualization in language, behavior, dress and more. Why should sex be meaningless? How do these messages affect our relationships and ourselves?
  4. What are Jewish approaches to intimacy? Why are they restricted to marriage?
  5. Self-Checklist of what are the best types, times and places to have a relationship. 
  6. Sexual Health: How to maintain it and where to get help if you need it. 
  7. What are some healthy guidelines we can introduce into our relationships and why?
  8. Checklist to ensure you are in a place of healthy relationships! 

Parent Outline:

  1. Why discuss intimacy with your teen? Consider some roles and discussion points to have.
  2.  Statistics and Overview of Teen engaged in sexual behavior in the US.
  3. What are some challenges teens face regarding intimacy and society?
  4. What are the effects on teens regarding bombardment of sexuality in society?
  5. Consider: What are you paying for your teen to see? What is worth knowing and discussing regarding sharing body images, inappropriate sites on social media, and STD’s?
  6. What can parents do? Recommendations by Dr. Philip Zelazo
  7. What do doctors recommend?
  8. Recommended Reading and Resources 

This course can be purchased individually, or it comes FREE with JSTEAM PLUS,  along with The Online Mentch (Grades 4-6). 

Review Sense and Sensuality: Judaism and Intimacy.

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Distribution type: digital interactive
Length of program: Enrichment, 4-8 weeks
Cost: $99; or purchase together with The Online Mentch for $149, or free with JSTEAM Plus.

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