Sulamot creates innovative programming and lessons about Halacha, Mishna, Ethics and more through breakthrough methodologies, cutting-edge technology and immersive learning experiences. They have some resources prepared for Mishna, Gemara and Parsha, and they can customize additional materials. Sulamot has designed an intense program using a Learning Management System that is very interactive, called Class-E. They host many free Mishna videos called רצים למשנה, and produce books and PDF’s about the subject. You can purchase a package that suits your needs. These  materials are mostly appropriate for Orthodox audiences.

They also have booklets on Zionist leaders, such as Begin, Golda Meir, Ben-Gurion, and how their decisions affect us today. The booklets explore students’ feelings about Zionism and provide them with additional resources to study. These materials are suitable for all audiences.

Sulamot has materials in English, Hebrew, French, Spanish and Portuguese.



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Distribution type: digital interactive, book
Book, website, digital and blended. 
Denomination: Orthodox
Length of program: Other
Different programs are different lengths.
Training Required before implementation: Not required. 
Support provided: Their staff is very supportive and will provide email, whatsapp communication and online and onsite training.
Piloted Schools: 7 schools
Cost: Contact Sulamot for pricing.

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