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An insight into the Chabad philosophy, from their website.

The discussion centered around several simple folk whom the Rebbe praised effusively. A diamond merchant, one of the Rebbe’s distinguished followers, exclaimed, “Why do you make so much of them?”

The Rebbe: “They possess fine qualities.”

The chassid: “I don’t see it.”

Later, the Rebbe suddenly asked to see the merchant’s packet of diamonds.

The chassid spread them out, and pointed to a stone; “This one is a superlatively wonderful gem”

The Rebbe: “I see nothing in it!”

The Chassid: “One has to be a mayvin (expert).”

The Rebbe: “A Jew is superlatively wonderful — but you have to be a mayvin!”

— Rabbi Joseph Isaac Schneersohn, the sixth Chabad Rebbe

This is the philosophy of Chabad-Lubavitch, the world’s largest Jewish educational outreach organization.

Chabad-Lubavitch is a vibrant, dynamic force in Jewish life, and its programs touch the lives of millions of people and directly or indirectly affect Jewish life in every community.

Their website is available in Hebrew and German.


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