COJDS Classroom Lessons 

COJDS Classroom Lessons 

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COJDS Classrooms lessons are recommended for Orthodox day school teachers in grades 4 and up looking for short videos to use in the class that explain about holidays, segments of Tanach, Halacha and core skills for learning Tanach. There are resources for early childhood education as well. 

Short classroom lessons about Parsha, Chumash and Chagim, for grades 4 and up for Orthodox Day Schools, with an emphasis on textual nuances. Suggested topics are Parshat Hashavua, Pesach, עניני דיומא, Shavuot, Pirkei Avot, Chumash and Core Skills for learning Tanach, and Early Childhood education. There are videos about specific topics, and should be viewed before implementing. 

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