Hesber/Halacha Education Center/Tzomet

Hesber/Halacha Education Center/Tzomet

Hesber, or the Halacha Education Center/Tzomet, emphasizes the relevance of Jewish law and its application to contemporary realities, advancing Halacha and Technology education.  Hesber has published 4 full curricula (each comprised of a student text/workbook and a teacher guide) and two ‘precious moments’ packets.  They also provide teacher training and scholars-in-residence for Halacha, Mishna and Technology and other topics.  Hesber is a not-for profit organization dedicated to transforming Jewish education in schools and communities through providing new and exciting materials that bring Torah study to life. They have reached more than 50 schools, 6000 students, and 260 teachers in 5 continents. 

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