Hesber/Halacha Education Center/Tzomet

Hesber/Halacha Education Center/Tzomet

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Hesber, or the Halacha Education Center/Tzomet is recommended for students and teachers in grades 5-12 who seek to merge the relevance of Jewish law and its application to contemporary realities, advancing Halacha and Technology education. 

Hesber has published 4 full curricula (each comprised of a student text/workbook and a teacher guide) and two ‘precious moments’ packets.  They also provide teacher training and scholars-in-residence for Halacha, Mishna and Technology and other topics.  Hesber is a not-for profit organization dedicated to transforming Jewish education in schools and communities through providing new and exciting materials that bring Torah and Halachic study to life. They have reached more than 50 schools, 6000 students, and 260 teachers in 5 continents. 

View some of their programs and packages below.

What HESBER resources can do for High Schools?

High school teachers and students will gain from the three curricula produced specifically for the needs of English-speaking students in the 21st century. The Three subjects of Kashrut, Shabbat, and Tefilla come to life with the flagship From the Source; with Spirit student and teacher editions. These books have already reached thousands of students throughout the world, and can do wonders for your school as well.

What HESBER resources can do for Middle Schools?

Middle schools can enhance their learning experience by studying the newly created Bein Adam LeChavero, interpersonal relationships, curriculum. The materials allow for a colorful, skill-based educational experience for students who are beginning their study of Torah Sheb’al Peh. It focuses on real life issues that students confront, teaching middot and character building halacha, that transform the learning experience while improving classroom dynamics.

What HESBER resources can do for Communities?

Communities will enjoy structured learning around books that enable participants to become active learners by seeing the beauty of the materials themselves. For those who find it difficult to connect as passive listeners in interesting lectures. The presentation of the materials couples with the tools provided for instructors can radically revolutionize adult education in your community.

HESBER’s materials are designed for students of all ages interested in transforming their Torah learning experience through source-based resources. While each of HESBER’s materials are created with an ideal target audience in mind, their clarity and thoughtfulness have allowed them to be used by anyone interested in studying these topics from the well-presented resources.

HESBER materials transform passive learning environments to active study environments, as pupils are empowered to explore, contemplate, and discover the depth of Torah in ways they couldn’t have done before. The exciting graphics, case studies, and color-coded sources, enable a dimension of understanding that only skill-building, enjoyable learning can unlock.

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