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The Mercava website is recommended for teachers of texts such as Gemara, Tanach, mussar, halacha and chassidut, with commentaries,  thought, prayer, and philosophy in grades 5-12. Mercava enables interaction such as markup, which allows the user to manipulate, highlight, comment, add and flow charts, media and discussion, on any part of the text with any device. Mercava shows the ‘צורת הדף,’  the actual layout of a Talmud text or a page of Chumash.  It is very helpful for teaching in classrooms, or following along with your favorited pages, or as a reminder to join a ‘Daf Yomi’ class.   

Mercava’s interdisciplinary nature makes it accessible to students who prefer different learning methods. The ability to upload images, 3D graphics, maps, and videos, is crucial for visual learners. Other students enjoy creating voice recordings and generating flow charts. Through Mercava, students develop skills in reading traditional texts and sharpen their understandings of the philosophic foundations of Judaism.

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