Shem Ve’Ner שם ונר

Shem Ve’Ner שם ונר

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Shem Ve’Ner is recommended for any student who would like to commemorate a child lost in the Holocaust by lighting a candle with a customized label which shares a story about the child.

The Shem Ve’Ner website promotes the idea of distributing candles with a personal story of a victim of the Holocaust.  These personal stories are available on the Shem Ve’Ner website, by the hundreds. Schools are encouraged to print labels for each student, and encourage a meaningful discussion on how children should select the story they want to share. After students select the label, they print it and put it on the candle and take it home to share with their families. This is an age appropriate activity to do before International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jan 27 or before the Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day/Yom HaShoah, which will be April 8, 2021 this year.

Note; Purchase the candles and print the labels on your own. You can customize your own labels, and order large quantities (1000 or more) of labels by writing to the Shem Ve’Ner website.

Shem Ve’Ner motto:

We’ll tell the story,
Light a candle,
And remember the Holocaust.

Add your own name: 

Keep the memory of the perished alive by adding their name. Each year, every year, we & future generations will light a candle in their memory.

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