The Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute

The Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute

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The Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute is a wonderful online and onsite museum, recommended for students in grades 4 and up,  who engage with both historical and contemporary subjects such as leadership, Israeli society, Zionism, developing a desert, and Ben Gurion’s impact as a national figure.  

“The history of the Jewish people is both rich and unique.  When educating a people, who is taught both its historical mission and long-term vision, one must aim not only toward the needs of the present, but to the future as well.”

The Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute is an educational body dedicated to spreading the legacy of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion.  The institute was established following the passing of the David Ben-Gurion Law in 1976, “In memory of David Ben-Gurion and his work, and with the goal to impart his vision to future generations.”

In its many years of activity as a national educational center, the Institute has provided visitors with both historical and contemporary perspectives while engaging in subjects such as Israeli society, Zionism, and leadership in the Negev.  Additionally, the Institute addresses Ben-Gurion’s formative years and early vision, his political activity and its relevance to modern Israeli society, and his impact as a national figure.

The copious educational activities are offered in a variety of frameworks that provoke both thought and feeling, while immersing participants in significant issues that characterize the history of the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and Israeli society.

The Institute operates with diverse groups nationwide – from students to IDF soldiers, teachers, and the general public.  Foreign language speakers, such as overseas visitors and new immigrants, are instructed in their native tongue.

In addition to textbooks and teacher-aids, the Institute’s Development team prepares special lectures and interactive tours. Another program is a short virtual workshop which follows the virtual tour on the concept of HOME based on the  student’s own reality. How would each one present their own home if asked to give a virtual tour? What object would they show to represent them?

The Institute’s headquarters are located in Midreshet Ben-Gurion, which lies in the heart of the Israeli Negev, with an additional branch in Haifa. Along with the Ben-Gurion Desert Home in Kibbutz Sde-Boker, there is an adjacent educational museum. In addition, an Audio/visual presentation is offered at the David and Paula Ben-Gurion gravesite, “Ben-Gurion’s Formative Decisions”

The Institute works in conjunction with the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for Israel and Zionism of Ben-Gurion University.

Book an online tour or share some of their educational and entertaining videos with your students.

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