The Living Torah Museum

The Living Torah Museum

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The Living Torah Museum is recommended for teachers and students in grades 1-12 looking to gain a better understanding of items mentioned in the Torah through exploration of ancient artifacts. 

Besides the items explicitly mentioned in the Torah, they exhibit many items from the Biblical Period. They also have an exhibition on items mentioned in Mishna and Talmud, as well as on the 39 Melochos of Shabbos (39 Prohibitions of the Sabbath). A new section just opened in the museum in ‘Great Torah Personalities Gallery,’ where visitors can explore the lives and times of some of the Greatest Scholars of yesteryear. Please browse through the site and enjoy the greatness of your heritage.  This musuem is located in Boro Park, NY, and make reservations for a guided tour at 718-686-8174.


Clay Tablet from the Time Of Abraham
In the Ancient world before paper was used, there were two methods of writing on Papyrus – from the Egyptian Papyrus plant. The more common method was to write on a clay tablet in a script called Cuneiform. This Sumerian tablet is an administrative record of Barley. It reads:

“7 Kor of Barley by the sag gal -measure, 6 kor Ba; 3 kor Kini Mussu, Dumuzi [Dumuzi is another name for the month of Tammuz] Total: 16 kor of Barley by the saggal-measure (from) 4 acres of field. Day 19”

There are a few significant points regarding this tablet:
1.The measurement of a Kor is found in the Talmud and seems to have been used in antiquity for thousands of years.
2.The Month of Dummuzi (Tammuz) is mentioned. Even though the Jewish people first began using these names of the months during the Babylonian exile, the names were already being used in the world one thousand years before.

Roman Medical Instruments
The Romans already knew how to make various types of medical operations. These are medical instruments from the Roman Period.

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