No Teacher Left Behind, NTLB

No Teacher Left Behind, NTLB

NTLB 2.0: No Teacher Left Behind – This upgraded version of JETS On-Demand ‘No Teacher Left Behind’ course enables teachers to interact with engaging videos, recordings, and activities, to learn about the most up-to-date Digital tools and methods, and how to apply them to Jewish studies. NTLB 2.0 also empowers teachers to utilize online technologies to implement invaluable alternative assessment techniques.

NTLB 2.0 empowers you to maximize student learning by using digital tools and the progressive educational methods that they support. The course is divided into 3 main sections: Collaborative Learning, Active Learning, and Alternative Assessment. The course includes tutorials on how to use a variety of new tools, a look at the pedagogical theory behind it, and examples of best practices in applying the tool to Jewish studies instruction. Throughout the course, you will be given several opportunities to utilize these web tools to create your own instructional materials and to receive feedback from a JETS digital learning specialist.

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Join more than 2500 Jewish Studies teachers in more than 15 countries who have gained mastery in digital tools through the NTLB program.  It is appropriate for Jewish studies teachers in grades K-adult. 

As a bonus, participants in both programs receive access to JETS Online Toolkit that indexes an array of Digital tools with links to tutorials, “best practices” in a variety of Jewish Studies disciplines and grade levels, and tips for effective implementation.

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Cost: $59 per person
Program participant feedback:

“They have equipped and enthused educators such as myself to think out of the box, to use technological resources in incredible ways and to embrace all the ever-evolving possibilities in the world of tech.”

“Quite simply, we wouldn’t be coping right now (during the Covid crisis) if it wasn’t for them.”

“JETS training was crucial for making sure I was applying the tools and thinking about the most effective ways I could use them.”

“NTLB has had a major impact on my teaching skills. Not only, but especially challenged by the current COVID-19-crisis, it has given me tools to connect my students to Jewish studies while at home – in a fabulous and attractive way (something not too common for someone teaching religion to teenagers). It has broadened my possibilities to pass on knowledge, stimulated my interest for more techniques, changed my way of preparing for class and has made my work more enjoyable.”

Review No Teacher Left Behind, NTLB.

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