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Jewish Podcasts on everything and anything related to Jewish Education from speakers all over the globe, for educators of all Jewish subjects. Listen and learn! Enjoy and share!
Whether over breakfast, on the drive to or from work, or resting in your armchair in the evening, enjoy an episode of a Prizmah podcast.
ELI Talks videos present new, inspired ideas about Jewish religious engagement (E), Jewish literacy (L), and Jewish identity (I) from Jewish thought leaders around the U.S. and the world.
Grounded in the study of modern Hebrew language and classical texts, this interdisciplinary major encourages students to engage Judaism as a living,


Kitah is flipped-classroom learning for Judaic Studies. View a sample lesson in Mishna, Chumash or Gemara. 
The Leading Individualized/Blended Learning Program for Limudei Kodesh
Olam Shalem is recommended for students in grades 1-5 looking to strengthen their connection to Jerusalem through interactive media…
This site is recommended for Orthodox schools studying how to merge Halacha with Modern Life….

Experiential Education Opportunities During COVID-19


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