About Us

UnitED is a cooperative venture of the Israel Ministries of Education and Diaspora Affairs, CET, Israel’s Center for Educational Technology and philanthropists and philanthropic foundations across the Jewish world. UnitED’s goal is to strengthen Jewish Day Schools around the globe by investing in development and support of high quality Jewish educational content and educators. We believe that being able to provide excellent Jewish educational experiences strengthens schools and provides students the tools to connect and engage with their Judaism long after they have graduated. Quality Jewish education is essential for Jewish communities to thrive now and in the future.

The GRC, Global Resource Center, is here to provide you with resources appropriate for your educational setting. We at UnitED are dedicated to serving your needs. We’d love to speak with you to offer additional suggestions or expand upon the resources on this site. 

Please write to: Contact@jewish-education.org

Tal Shaked Cretella, Executive Director

Tal Shaked is the Executive Director of UnitEd, in partnership with CET, the Center for Educational Technology (Matach). She was a Prosecutor at the District Attorney’s Office in Tel Aviv. A random havrutah (learning partner) around a Talmud page changed her professional path and diverted her career to Jewish education. Tal was the founder and the head of the First Secular Yeshiva of Bina. She was an education Shlicha (Emissary) in the USA, spending 2 years in Chicago and 3 years in California. Tal lives in Moshav Kfar Ben Nun in Israel, with her husband and 3 children.

Hana Holland, Director of Partnerships

Hana Holland is the Director of Partnerships at UnitED, in partnership with CET, the Center for Educational Technology (Matach). She holds a BA in History and Philosophy and MA in Contemporary Judaism from Hebrew University. She managed the project “Journey into Jewish Heritage,” supported by the Avi Chai Foundation, that sent delegations of Israeli students to document Jewish communities around the globe. She’s designed educational programs at CET since 2011. Hana lives in Jerusalem with her husband, and has four daughters and two grandchildren.

Smadar Goldstein, Pedagogical Director

Smadar Goldstein is the Pedagogical Director of UnitED, in partnership with CET, the Center for Educational Technology (Matach). She holds a BA from Stern College and MA in Jewish Education from the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education. She was the CEO of JETS from 2009-2019, worked with BetterLesson as an Instructional Coach, and has taught and consulted in education for over twenty years. She’s trained more than 2000 teachers in 15 countries in 21st century learning. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and four children, and loves cycling, reading and adventures with her family.

Rachel Garih Levy, Educational Coordinator for France

Rachel is the Educational Coordinator for France at UnitED, in partnership with CET, the Center for Educational Technology (Matach). Rachel holds a BA in Modern Hebrew and Civilizations from the University of Languages and Civilizations in Paris, France. After obtaining a Master’s degree, she gained a Teaching Certificate from the André and Rina Neher Institute in Paris. Then she taught for ten years in France. Following her aliya, Rachel trained as a full-stack developer and then joined UnitED, where she supports improving Jewish day schools across France. Among the many projects she leads for the French schools working with UnitED, she created a French-language website www.cented-j.com, which helps Jewish studies teachers prepare for their lessons and find the most appropriate programs for their classes. Rachel lives in Givat Shmuel with her husband and five children.

Hilla Gottesman, Operations Coordinator

Hilla is Operations Coordinator at UnitED, in partnership with CET, the Center for Educational Technology (Matach). She has her BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Military and Security from Ben Gurion University. She has worked in administration since 2005, and has been with the Humanities Department at CET (Center for Educational Technology) since 2013. She lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and two daughters.

Eli Kannai, Consultant

Eli Kannai is an Educational Consultant at UnitED. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with an emphasis on Math and Jewish Philosophy. Eli has more than 20 years’ experience in educational technology, having served as Director of The Snunit Center for Web Based Learning, one of Israel’s premier e-learning and information architecture incubators, and as Chief Educational Technology Officer of The AVI CHAI Foundation. He was instrumental in the development of large content websites such as 929, Sefaria and Chinuch.org. He also was involved in the development of online and blended learning efforts such as iTaLAM. Eli is now an independent consultant in the area of digital strategy and educational technology.