The Online Mentch 

The Online Mentch 

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The JETS Online Mentch program, is recommended for teachers, parents, and students in grades 4-7, for schools and communities who are looking to apply Jewish values to 21st century communication that fosters a culture of mutual respect in students’ digital interactions.

The Online Mentch program helps teachers, parents, and students analyze case studies and work cooperatively to develop practical guidelines and policies for online etiquette that include Jewish values and identity.  The course has a componenet for students, parents and teachers, and it’s recommended that the school work together with the parent body and its teachers to implement the course. The Online Mentch is available digitally, with the click of a button, and contains many interactives activities, features and engaging multimedia.  One goal of the course is to create an ‘Online Mentch Campaign’ in individual schools, where students internalize the messages of the course and create an Online Mentch campaign that they support. 

The course is approximately three hours long each for students, parents, and teachers. It’s recommended that teachers facilitate a blended learning approach to completing the course, over a period of 3-4 different sessions, then allow time for students to create their Online Mentch Campaigns, followed by a parent or school event to showcase their work.

More than 60 schools across the US, the UK and South Africa have implemented The Online Mentch to resounding success. The Online Mentch is free if purchased with JSTEAM Plus, or half price if purchased with Sense and Sensuality. 

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Distribution type: digital interactive
Denomination: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Community, Pluralistic
Length of program: Enrichment
Cost: $99 per course, or $149 together with Sense and Sensuality, or free with JSTEAM PLUS

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