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Serious students of Mishna and Gemara study from grade 5-adult, looking to gain skill sets in these areas that will lead to the ability to study independently. 

Study of Mishnah and Preparation for Gemara:

Do you also feel that classroom study of Mishnah should be uplifting, experiential and fascinating? Do you also feel that it’s not enough to teach content alone, as students require skills for independent learning? The V’Shinantam Mishnah Program does all of this – it provides appropriate tools for students, according to their cognitive preparedness, alongside study of massechtot of Mishnah.

V’Shinantam Year One

Mishnah in Sound, Depth and Color, Content and Skills

Teach Kit

Teacher manuals, teaching aids, Smart Board, all learning centers and posters included.

Activity and Game Platform for Mishna

Poster Set

Color posters to aid instruction and learning.

Bonayich Educational Services, Ltd., was established in 2004 by Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman. The goal of the agency is to assist in the spreading of Torah, and love of Torah, among Am Yisrael, with a concentration on Torah Sheb’al Peh. Bonayich believes that success in learning helps the motivation in learning to take root and grow, and success in learning is dependent on the ability of the learner to learn on his/her own over the long run of study. Until the founding of Bonayich, however, there were no orderly materials for skills acquisition for study of Mishnah and Talmud, and young and old experienced great frustration and disappointment when trying to achieve the depths of Rabbinic teachings.

To resolve this vexing problem, Bonayich scholars collected hundreds of sources from the writings of the Rishonim and Acharonim about skills for Mishnah and Gemara. These sources became the basis of the now-famous “Bonayich Program” for study of Torah Sheb’al Peh in four phases – Mishnah, Torat HaTannaim, Torat Ha’Amoraim, and Shakla V’Tarya.

Bonayich Educational Services has now produced hundreds of booklets, aids and resources in both printed and digital formats for study of Torah Sheb’al Peh, and is recognized as the world leader in this field.

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Distribution type: online pdf, digital interactive, workbook
Denomination: Orthodox
Length of program: Year long, Courses

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