Praying with Fire

Praying with Fire

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Praying with Fire is a curriculum on Tefillah for Orthodox students in grades 3-8, which offers tips on focusing, concentration and optimism, and appreciating the gift of tefillah. 

“Life isn’t always simple, even (especially?) for teens. But, whatever is going on in your life – problems at school, challenges at home, complications with friends, or just an “I-woke-up-feeling-horrible” day – Hashem has given us a no-fail way to cope. It’s called tefillah, prayer. “Praying With Fire for Teens” shows teenagers (their parents, too!) how to pray effectively, with focus, concentration, and optimism, so that we get the most out of the fantastic gift Hashem has given us – the gift of prayer.” 

There is a free version in a magazine form. It is not a full curriculum.  Orthodox schools report using segments of it to highlight aspects of Tfilla. 

Grades and focus areas: 

Grade 4 – 18 weekly lessons on ברכות השחר

Grade 5 – 20 weekly lessons on פסוקי דזמרה, ברכות קריאת שמע, שמע, עד סוף גאל ישראל

Grade 7 – 22 weekly lessons on שמונה עשרה,

Kavannah Kuntros emphasizes פירוש המילים, that take 5 min a day to learn.


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Distribution type: book
Denomination: Orthodox
Length of program: Enrichment
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