Shem Olam 

Shem Olam 

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This site is recommended for grades 1-12 and adults studying the Holocaust, with an emphasis on faith, ethics, morals and overcoming struggle, through exploration of artifacts, diaries, and stories of survivors. They have curriculum and programs for all levels and learning styles, both in person in Israel and online. 

Shem Olam Faith & the Holocaust Institute for Education, Documentation & Research trains visitors, youth, military, and teachers  on coping with struggles through understanding spiritual, physical, and emotional dilemmas, ethics, and personal stories of faith and struggle of the Holocaust.  

For example, there is a story for 3rd grade about a girl in Budapest that goes to a ghetto and then hides in a monastery and safe houses, and she carries her doll with her wherever she goes. The story is told through the eyes of the doll in a way that softens the dialogue and makes it approachable for young learners.

Shem Olam also offers:

  • Circles of A Journey – A 4 day trip around Israel relating to Holocaust and Israel related sites and ideas. 
  • Poland Trips
  • Films
  • Observation Space through Survivor stories at the Shem Olam Center
  • 2nd Generation Course
  • Become a guide – 8 month intensive course.  

Shem Olam works closely with Yad Vashem, and the Washington Holocaust Museum. A difference between Olam Shalem and Yad Vashem is that Shem Olam seems to focus largely on dilemmas through artifacts, diaries, and stories of survivors. They publish survivor testimonies, books, and collate survivor artifacts, such as Judaica, diaries, prisoner uniforms and more. 

Shem Olam dives deeply into ethical and moral empathy for Holocaust stories. At first glance, you would think that it is for only older grades, but they remarkably adapt appropriate stories for younger grades as well. The director calls the Holocaust the ‘6th book of the Torah,’ as it addresses all facets of humanity from which everyone can learn. 

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