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Torah Live

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Torah Live is recommended for studying and implementing Jewish values, halacha (Jewish law) and important hashkafa (Jewish ideology) through high-quality multimedia presentations about Judaism for both adults and children, students and educators. They have a curriculum with an LMS and assessments for grades 5-8. Their mission is to create cutting-edge multimedia presentations that communicate Jewish values in a non-preachy, well organized, and energetic manner.

TorahLive offers for teachers:

Massively reduced preparation time, engaging material for students, comprehensive coverage of topics, practically unlimited variations of material, no grading papers or tests, quizzes and trackable results, easy class management, student self evaluation, detailed time based reporting, tracking student progress, and more. 

Torah Live offers two tracks. Track #1 is the video courses. Track #2 provides a teacher with all of the multi-media materials needed in order to teach the topic on their own. A teacher also has the option of purchasing access to the Torah Live LMS and assessment package as well.

Torah Live has been screened at over 1,000 venues in more than 100 cities worldwide, to both secular and religious audiences.

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Distribution type: online pdf, digital interactive
Length of program: Semester, Enrichment, Year long, Courses, 4-8 weeks
Cost: In response to the possibility of a community-wide need for at-home learning options, COJDS, in partnership with Torah Live, is now offering free premium access to Torah Live’s vast video library for both students and teachers so that they can continue to learn and grow. This opportunity applies to all day schools in North America.

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