Ulpan Or

Ulpan Or

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Ulpan Or is recommended for schools looking to improve students’ Hebrew language in grades K-12 using contemporary topics and relevant and interactive materials.

Ulpan Or is an Ivrit program which uses the RLARapid Language Acquisition methodology. Digital activities include interactive, contemporary online materials which encourage creative student engagement. Ulpan Or also offers the ‘e-Tone,’ an online newsletter that highlights current events presented in an engaging and interactive way in Hebrew. Ulpan Or shares an emotional connection to Israel, cognitive knowledge about Israel, relationships with Israelis, experiences in Israel—all of these are essential, and all are elements Ulpan-Or builds and promotes. The keystone of all these building blocks, the thing that enables them to take root in the mind and heart, is speaking Hebrew – the language of the Jewish people and the state of Israel.  All Hebrew materials presented are in Hebrew AND translated into English.

Length of Program: 

Different programs include:

  • E-tone magazine, on basic, medium and high fluency levels that include weekly activities of an hour-1.5 hours each.
  • Digital Courses include a monthly subscription, 4 month subscription, and Lifetime subscription
  • Media Course, which hours of activities. 

Ulpan Or provides comprehensive teacher training and close year-round guidance and support for participating schools.  The program is in Hebrew, with English explanations. 

Piloted Schools: Over 90 schools worldwide, 31,417 students.

Testimonials: “My experience at Ulpan Or was fantastic. Hila and all of the other teachers were extremely competent, friendly, and encouraging. I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed this experience.”


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Distribution type: online pdf, digital interactive, workbook
Length of program: Year long
Cost: Basic (15-50 students): 59.99$ per student. Pro: (15-50) 69.99$ per student, (51-100) 66.99$ per studnet, (100& up) 62.99$ per student. Premium: (15-50) 79.99$ per student, (51-100) 75.99$ per student. $390/teacher for training (conditional upon schools buying the curriculum)

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