Unpacked for Educators

Unpacked for Educators

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The goal of ‘Unpacked for Educators’ (UED) is to explore the Jewish story in all its complexity, intellectual depth and sophistication, to untangle the challenging ideas, and to make the key historical moments come alive. We are here to help your students see that Judaism is as meaningful and relevant as ever through current and engaging videos, interactive resources, games, podcasts and interviews, for grades 7-12.
UED offers professional tools to help educators engage and inspire students inside and outside the classroom. They combine videos, podcasts and other media with lesson materials and experiential activities. All of their content is created by educators for educators. UED is a division of OpenDor Media.
Unpacked for Educators contains enriching video content, and each link contains:
  • a short video (7-10 min) on the topic at hand
  • review questions
  • discussion questions
  • learning activities
  • reflection questions
  • further learning resources (articles, videos, books, podcasts)
  • Kahoot! quiz on the topic

Some sample videos and content are:

Israeli Settlements

  1. What are the Israeli Settlements?

    This video is the first in a mini-series about settlements. It lays down the background of what settlements are, when they began, and what led up to their creation. Begin with this video in order to equip students with the history before delving into the modern-day issues surrounding the much-spoken-about “settlements.” Watch the video and use the prompts below to begin the conversation.

  2. The Jewish Connection to the Land
  3. Israeli Settlers
  4. Palestinians of the West Bank
  5. Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Israeli Culture

  1. Mizrachi Music
  2. Israeli Food
  3. Israeli Druze
  4. Israeli Hip Hop
  5. Ethiopian Jewry

Yom Hazikaron / Yom Ha’atzmaut

  1. HaLamed Heh: The 35 Soldiers Who Never Returned Home
  2. 1972 Olympics: The Munich Massacre
  3. The Yom Kippur War: How Israel Turned the Tide
  4. What is Zionism?
  5. Resolution 181: The Zionist Dream Comes True
  6. Israel’s War of Independence

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Distribution type: digital interactive
Length of program: Semester, Enrichment, Year long, Courses, 4-8 weeks

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