V’ani Tefillah, COJDS

V’ani Tefillah, COJDS

The V’ani Tefillah program provides a framework for teaching Tfillah. The first year of the curriculum helps children recognize and internalize that tefillah is talking to Hashem. By examining the words of the siddur, teachers are able to bring tefillah to a personal level for every single student. The second year, currently under development, is to be designed for students in grades 3-5. Students will identify and focus on the goal of each individual tefillah. Students will understand the difference between the different “PARTS” of tefillah, i.e: Praising, Asking, Recognizing, Thanking and Subjecting oneself to Hashem.

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Distribution type: digital interactive, workbook, book
Denomination: Orthodox
Length of program: Year long
2 years
Support provided: A personal advisor to help you every step along the way to make it as successful as possible.
Piloted Schools: Schools in Rochester, NY; Omaha, NE; Las Vegas, NV; Columbus, OH; Houston, TX; Melbourne, Australia; Vancouver, BC; and Buffalo Grove, IL
Testimonials about product:

The content is wonderful. The children ate it up. They all wanted a chance to share their thoughts about their appointment with Hashem with the entire group…..They made so many connections with their own lives: the birds, trees and so many other things surrounding them in their lives.” From a tefillah conference call Pauline Rosenberg, Ivrit Teacher, Judaics Coordinator Hille“l Community Day School, Rochester, NY

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