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Zomet Institute

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This site is recommended for Orthodox schools studying how to merge Halacha with Modern Life, such as dishwashers that can be timed to work on Shabbat, automatic security cameras, hearing aids and electric carts for those with disabilities, using metal detectors on Shabbat, and many more relevant issues. Zomet also has live classes for high schools. 

   For close over 35 years our staff of 25 Rabbis, researchers and engineers have devised practical and pragmatic Halachic solutions for institutions, businesses and private citizens. During the past year we have consulted and developed solutions for The Israeli Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Defense, Ben Gurion Airport, Amigo Mobility Corporation, Elite Food Corporation, Tnuva Dairies, Israeli Channel 10 Television and Shindler Elevators.

   Zomet’s engineers have developed and implemented technologies that enable products such as metal detectors, security jeeps, elevators, electric wheelchairs, and coffee machines to be used on Shabbat.

   Zomet has published over 35 volumes of Tchumin (also available in CD form) which contain almost 14,500 pages of Halachic research and responsa written by leading Rabbis, scholars, scientists, doctors, lawyers, engineers and economists.

   Shabbat BeShabbato, a parsha bulletin published by Zomet is distributed in Synagogues across Israel and read by over 100,000 people each Shabbat (it can be read in English on our website ).

For the Zomet site in Hebrew, click here.

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