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929 is a comprehensive Tanakh site recommended for students in grades 5-12 and teachers of all grades to explore thoughts, summaries, videos and explanations on all chapters of Tanakh. Review the pshat (text) or listen to videos and podcasts of classical and contemporary commentators.  Grab an audio recording of the chapter and commentary in Hebrew or English on their Soundcloud link. 

Explore Tanakh with new eyes: one chapter a day, every day, in sequence.

In between work, family, friends, and life’s other major and minor tasks, 929 is an opportunity for a personal challenge that is full of interest, meaning, learning, curiosity and enjoyment. A challenge that many others are partnering in, as they walk this long and fascinating trail, and share the abundance that it offers us as individuals and as a learning community.

So, if you seek to know more, or are searching for insight, if you want to bring new meaning into your daily life, or would like to discover new voices within yourselves, while being part of a broad community that is marching along the same road, then reading Tanakh with 929 was created just for you!



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