Bimbam / G-dcast

Bimbam / G-dcast

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Bimbam, formerly known as G-dcast, aims to spark connections to Judaism through video storytelling for all Jewish holidays and for many Biblical stories, and is recommended for students in grades 1-12.

Bimbam has designed digital storytelling videos on all of the Parshiyot (segments) in the Torah (Bible), much of Navi (Prophets), Jewish holidays, Jewish thought, Judaism 101, and Jewish philosophy, for a large range of audiences. Some videos are for young learners, while others are appropriate for high school, adults and families viewing and learning together. It is recommended to preview videos first to ensure the style matches your intended audience and style. Many of their videos highlight the Jewish values that emerge from Biblical stories and holidays, and encourage viewers to incorporate the targeted value into their own lives. Many of their videos have suggested curricular activities. Consider placing some of their videos in an EdPuzzle for increased student feedback. 

Sample of a video for younger learners:


The Rise of Yavneh and its Scholars; Middle School and up:

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