Class.Me is a mobile platform, a social learning app that segues with educational communication – a social learning center and virtual classroom in every student’s pocket. 

Class.Me connects students, teachers and educational environments, creating the first shared, virtual learning experience. Not only does Class.Me allow students to discuss and enrich each other in virtual classrooms, but it also gives students extra support with lessons from professional tutors at an affordable price. The app helps teachers and administrators dissect each student’s learning level, allowing all students to reach their highest potential. Teachers are trained to use the app to provide more intensive support with their curriculum. sessions come with student data analysis, letting you know which participants are ‘active,’ ‘passive,’ participated, did not participate, or posted the most amount of questions.  Students can post as an anonymous  student, but the teacher can always see the student’s name.  Sign up for a free trial. is used by hundreds of schools in the US and in Israel.

Many students are using messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger to send homework to their classmates and to help each other study. But these apps aren’t designed to help students learn and end up creating a mess of files, messages sent in different apps, different versions of study materials and more.

Class.Me was designed as a smart messaging app with the needs of students and teachers in mind. It allows the class to communicate better (it has the ability to search for information in the archive, catalogs groups by school subject, etc.) and gives a digital connection to private tutors in a variety of school subjects, available to help with any question that may pop up.

Get together. Study better!


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