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Jewish Interactive (Ji) is recommended for students, parents and teachers in grades K- 5 who want their children and students to engage with their Jewish learning in an interactive way. With over 15,000 interactive games and courses on Ivrit, Hebrew reading, Jewish Holidays ,Tanach and more , Ji Tap is a hub for Jewish learning. Ji partners with organizations like Sefaria, PJ Library, HATC, Olam Shalem and others, for a more comprehensive user experience in creating and using JI games and lessons.

Jewish Interactive’s Ji Tap is a platform which empowers Jewish teachers and students to learn from each other by creating their own personalized interactive lessons and games on Jewish and Hebrew (Ivrit) subjects. Ji Tap offers a gamification of JS curriculum. A teacher may select from thousands of graphic images of Biblical stories and Jewish culture, Hebrew letters/words/phrases, to create games and tools. Many games are already loaded into the site for automatic use. There is also the ability to share games directly with students via Google Classroom and other learning platforms. There is a built in LMS, Learning Management System, if purchasing the PRO account. Access pricing here

Ji fuses modern tools with rigorous, personalized high quality content and deep support.

This enables parents, schools, supplementary schools, and synagogues to deliver first-class Jewish education & Hebrew even when time is short, resources are squeezed and there’s excessive competition for our kids’ attention.

Ji has had more than 200,000 downloads, and users have created more than 14,000 games in 107 countries.

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