Ma’aleh Film School 

Ma’aleh Film School 

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The Ma’aleh Film School has wonderful video resources recommended for grades 6-12,  for families and adult groups for meaningful insights into the complexities of Israeli life. Examine political, military, and religious dilemmas and debates through the creative lens of young Israeli filmmakers.

Ma’aleh’s unique, cutting-edge films build bridges across all sectors of the Jewish world, fostering deeper understanding and dialogue between religious and secular Jews.  Ma’aleh hosts film events, both in Israel, online, and internationally, which typically consist of screening of 2-3 short films followed by a discussion that is moderated by a Ma’aleh graduate or staff member.  Programs are built to meet the specific interests and needs of the participants.   Film Events are either online, or on site at The Ma’aleh Film School in downtown Jerusalem, and in other venues, as arranged  Screenings are also coordinated by Ma’aleh staff for presentation in community centers, synagogues, and universities around the world.  They offer online access to many of their films, and you can interview or interact with producers and staff for an enriching cultural experience. 

Ma’aleh also facilitates video therapy sessions, which is  based on therapeutic film making workshops for special populations (at-risk youth, the disabled, immigrants, victims of trauma, etc.).

Ma’aleh videos are mostly in Hebrew, and English subtitles are available.

Film. Course. Digital

Short films engage the viewer and prompt discussion and exploration of a range of topics.

FREE Educational Resources enhance the experience for students and teachers. Resources include content analysis, cinematic language, methodology and Jewish sources.

Perfect for Educators, Program Directors and Community Leaders

Links below to selected films, each with educational resources.

A Shabbos Mother              Ido     

A Pure Prayer                    Kaparot

Full of Life                         A-Maiseh

A Little Bit Different        Without Sugar

The Little Dictator          A Jerusalem Tale


Most Popular:

The short film, “Barriers” is one of Ma’aleh’s most popular films. It is a launching pad for many deep and relevant discussions on Israeli society. See the ten minute “Making of Barriers,” here:


A Jerusalem Tale 
Lazer and Baila Hirsch, an older, Orthodox couple who have emigrated to Israel from America, struggle with financial hardship and general misfortune. Lazer, a Bretzlav Hassid, finds that his  capacity for
.simcha (joy) is put to the test. The couple prays for a miracle, but miracles come in unexpected guise

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