Machon Megalim / Megalim Institute

Machon Megalim / Megalim Institute

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The Megalim Institute historical and Biblical videos are fantastic resources to be used to analyze segments of Jewish history, and Navi that relate to Jerusalem and its surroundings. These videos and additional resources are best used for grades 6 and up, and can be found in English and Hebrew, sometimes in Hebrew with English subtitles. 

The Megalim Institute is a multidisciplinary learning and research center that broadens and deepens knowledge about ancient Jerusalem and makes it accessible to all. The institute’s research and publications are a key resource for understanding the historical, geographical and cultural processes in Jerusalem over the generations.

How Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple, after Jewish fighters fought incredibly valiantly.

The “City of David Studies of Ancient Jerusalem” conference is the largest archaeological conference in Israel. It serves as an open platform for presenting the latest findings from the City of David.

The Megalim Institute’s unique courses and tours introduce participants to the best lecturers and scholars in their fields and provide a first-hand look at the latest findings at excavation sites with the archaeologists themselves.

Megalim collaborates with universities and other academic institutions in Israel and abroad to advance and encourage research and knowledge about ancient Jerusalem. In cooperation with Israeli universities, Megalim sponsors courses that combine the latest research with site visits and encounters with archaeologists. It also produces online courses featuring personal interviews with archaeologists and virtual visits to excavation sites.

The Megalim Institute invests major efforts in developing didactic methods to bring the conceptual world of ancient Jerusalem into the hearts of participants – both adults and young people. In its flagship project, a collaboration with the Israeli education system, joint teams of Megalim personnel and leading teachers of Bible, history and Land of Israel studies create tools for experiential learning. This unique toolbox includes simulations and virtual reconstructions, presentations and films, animation and other aids.


The Megalim Institute publishes research books about the City of David and Ancient Jerusalem, as well as popular books on the subject.  Among its scientific publications are the conference volumes – City of David Studies of Ancient Jerusalem – and translations of books by scholars from previous generations, annotated by contemporary archaeologists. Popular publications include books on Jerusalem’s archeology and history as well as site guides and   children’s books.

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