Mishnayot Kehati Online

Mishnayot Kehati Online

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Mishnayot Kehati Online is recommended for students of Mishna in grades 5-12, who would like to learn Mishna in a phone or web friendly app, with many customizable features, that also includes audio recordings of the Mishna and of the Kehati.

The website hosts the complete Mishnayot Kehati in Hebrew & English with Bartenura and Mishna Sdura. There is also a professional Audio reading of the entire Mishna Sdura and of the Kehati. Download from the App store.

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The complete Mishnayot Kehati in Hebrew & English with Bartenura and Mishna Sdura
Professional Audio reading of the Entire Mishna Sdura and of the Kehati

The application was produced Leshem Shamaim and is free to download and has no ads
After initial download, no further internet connection is needed Except to listen to the audio.
No permission requests.

Texts included:
• The Six Orders of the Mishna of the Revered Tanna Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi
• The popular modern anthology of commentaries by Rabbi Pinchas Kehati including introductions
• The traditional commentary of Rabbenu Ovadya of Bartenura
• The readable text and format of Mishna Sdura by Rabbi Elijah Dordek
• The English translation of the Mishna and of the “Kehati”

The App has many user friendly features:
• Mishna Sdura / Block text view – press Mishna Sdura icon
• Show Mishna / Full Perek – press icon, swipe to continue
• Toggle English / Hebrew – press icon
• Select English or Hebrew menus
• 6 fonts, customizable font sizes
• Cream yellow background eases eye-strain
• Night Mode – white text on black background
• Customizable Split screen – Mishna / Perush
• Search text of the Mishna
• Mishna Yomit and Perek Yomi schedules
• Last learned Mishnah is saved for next time
• Bookmarks:
* In order to save the current Mishna, click the star icon with a plus sign
* To go to the saved Mishna, click the bookmark text
• Select Mishnayot by letters of the beloved one’s name for Yahrzeit / Memorial Anniversary learning
* Full Perek or a single Mishna
* Listen to an audio lesson on a Mishna for each of the 22 letters
• Listen to reading of the Mishna and Kehati
• Listen to reading of the full Perek of Mishna Sdura



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