The iCenter 

The iCenter 

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The iCenter is recommended for teachers of all ages and students in grades 5-12 who are interested in learning and exploring about all aspects of Israel education in a creative and exciting way, through videos, articles, courses, images and very human stories.

The iCenter website offers a plethora of excellent resources on Israel education, aiming to promote  knowledgeable and passionate educators who can tell their own Israel stories and, hoping to end with learners whose stories live in dialogue with the People, Land, and State of Israel. The iCenter website hosts curriculum and programming for day schools, camps, courses, partnership programs with universities, travel programs, conferences, and more. 

The iCenter credo has been rooted in the beliefs of the centrality of the learner, trusting the educational process, and a commitment to both a loving and transparent Israel education. We believe that the subject of Israel is an important priority of American Jewish life and shouldn’t be left to social media. Moreover, we shouldn’t wait until the young adult years to engage with this subject.

Educating the heart and mind about Israel begins the day a child is born, and must be part of lifelong learning and experience. Israel education is as much about shaping character, personality, mind, and social connectedness as it is about “furnishing an empty room with facts.” It’s actually a part of what our tradition, thousands of years ago, asked us to love “with all your heart, soul, and might!”

Our work in Israel education is motivated by dreams, but dreams also imply great responsibilities. The Aleph Bet of Israel Education 2nd Edition is an updated version of our core principles. We encourage you to embrace these pages, to read them with your staff, board, and colleagues and dream about what they will mean when implemented.

-Anne Lanski


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