The People’s Talmud

The People’s Talmud

The People’s Talmud is a website that organizes, tags, and categorizes Talmudic topics, and explains Talmudic ideas in easy English. The founder, R. Gedaliah Gurfein, aims to enable the wisdom of thousands of years of Talmud study to be accessed in today’s language, lifestyle and state of mind. While it is an enormous set of text (if you read one page a day you’d finish the Talmud in 7.5 years!), it is more like a closed book – even when translated into English. The People’s Talmud is now the world’s first Talmudic Primer.

The People’s Talmud offers 8,000 selections of Talmud wisdom nuggets written in a short, fun and easy to understand manner bringing meaning and interest into everyone’s lives, Jewish or not. It also contains over 3,500 links to help you find what you are looking for and even to help you find what you didn’t know you were looking for by providing, among just one example, linking systems that range from Animal Kingdom to Zodiac. The People’s Talmud is a hub for wisdom. The hope is that people from all religions, races and cultures from around the world will be inspired and share their wisdom by commenting and adding new links to the existing site.



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