JNTP: Jewish New Teacher Project

JNTP: Jewish New Teacher Project

The Jewish New Teacher Project aims to provide solutions to build effective, quality teachers and school leaders with the goal of enhancing student learning and success. JNTP programs are offered for both teachers and administrators. Its work in Jewish day schools around the U.S. and Canada is based on New Teacher Center’s proven methodologies and materials. JNTP brings the best of “outside” educational innovation into the Jewish community, helping to transform Jewish day school communities by providing ongoing, job-embedded, instructionally-focused and relationship-based mentoring and coaching.

The program offers:

*Intensive weekly one-on-one mentoring with a JNTP-trained mentor for two years.

*1.5 hours of mentoring over the course of two-week cycles.

*Bi-weekly classroom observation.

*Three online professional development webinars per year

*Seminar on the role of principal in supporting JNTP work within the school.

*Regular meetings with mentor to discuss progress of new teacher.

Ongoing Support:

*Access to New Teacher Center research and publications.

*Consultation with JNTP staff on professional development for all staff.

JNTP provides new teachers, veteran teacher mentors, and early career school leaders with evidence based skills and the support necessary to create optimal learning environments. They partner with schools to identify the solutions that can meet their unique needs. Schools can customize an administrator support program for their entire leadership team, including administrators at different levels of experience. This model consists of a combination of professional development workshops and individual coaching sessions. 

JNTP Participant Video Series Dallas: Principal Impressions

JNTP Participant Video Series 2017-18: Rachel – Episode 3


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Review JNTP: Jewish New Teacher Project.

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